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Western Azuero Peninsula

Western Azuero Peninsula

Western Azuero Map

The Western Azuero Peninsula represents Panama's newest residential and tourist development area.  With accessibility improved with recent and ongoing road repairs, this west facing region provides a spectacular shoreline, beautiful beaches, world class fishing, snorkeling and surfing, all in a  safe, secure laid back environment.  This region is also Panama's only west facing area providing tremendous sunset views.  A new marina is now in the initial government approval process, with the support of both the local residents and officials. 
Palo Seco, located between Mariato and Malena, is the projected site of a new deep water (10' draft) marina. This is presently a concept in progress.

In the Puerto Nancy area, a new secured boat storage building is nearing completion, and scheduled to open for business by the end of February, 2011.  "Cecil" indicates he may also provide launch services.  The road into Puerto Nancy has just been upgraded so access to Western Azuero's best launch site is in good shape.

Mariato would be considered part of the Western Azuero beach area, but the sea side road views  in the Malena, Torio and Morrillo areas are the most dramatic.

A new motel and restaurant has opened in the Malena area December, 2009.

The community of Torio, approximately 12 minutes from Morrillo, is a local hub area with a growing expat population.  Two restaurants and rental cabanas are located in Torio.

The Morrillo beach area is home to both the two kilometer Morrillo beach, and the Morrillo beach north location, with numerous public access's.  A new tropical bar/restaurant and rental cabanas have been permitted for construction at Morrillo Pacific Heights.

Boat launching can be accessed from several locations on the Quebro and Torio rivers, accessing the salt chuck with a little care.  Puerto Nancy is the safest bet, and home to some of the local commercial fishermen.  The commercial fleet consists of open 26 foot ponga boats operating with either hand lines, or small nets.  The impact on the local fishing grounds is negligible with fresh seafood readily available for those that don't catch their own.

The island of Cebaco is the marine recreational area about 15 minutes from the Torio launch area.  Fishing, snorkeling and diving are first class, with the mainland side of the island waters being Caribbean in nature.  The mainland shorelines and inlets are a short run from Cebaco, and a little longer to reach the national park island of Coiba.

Arenas, and the Arenas valley, has several boat launch locations within easy access to the game fish areas of the southern peninsula.

The rising expat population from North America and Europe in the beach communities of the Western Azuero are attracted by the genuine welcoming nature of the locals coupled with a lifestyle of times gone by.  The Western Azuero should definitely be on your Panama exploration list.